Mockingbird's Atticus CGC

There has never been a sweeter animal to walk the planet than Atticus.  He was my trusted confidant, my best friend, and taught me what a dog can bring into your life -- unconditional love. I know that he will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me (and of course the pizza man.) 

HR BlackJack Hale of Lake Norman SH, CD, CGC, WCX, TDI

I credit Jack with all that I do in the dog world today.  He was the first dog I ever ran in a hunt test, obedience trial, CGC test, agility class and just about every other first. He was the "let's try this" dog for everything new.  I would never have been so brave had he not been such a willing partner.  Thank you Jumpin' Jack. I will always love and miss you.